Real estate agency on the web, how to choose it ?

Do you want to sell a house or a flat and you want to use the services of an estate agent? You will have to decide how many agencies you will use to offer your property and how to choose your estate agency for an efficient sale or rental of your property.

Selling between individuals or with an online estate agent ?

Do you have a property to sell in order to realise new projects? It is possible to work with a local agency or to sell through a PAP. Today, more than 40% of owners do not use an agency to carry out their transaction. Why not? Because of the high agency fees which reduce the potential price of the property. However, there is an alternative: working with a local digital agency.

Selling your property with an estate agent allows you to be accompanied throughout the sale. … An estate agent’s role is to advise you, he/she knows the market and will be able to help you set and negotiate the sale price and choose a reliable buyer.

A modern approach by working with an online agency

Area agent

My transaction yes, but in the best conditions. The online real estate agency currently operates with the following agency fees:

Selling price = net price of the buyer x percentage fee in %.

Example: Selling price of a flat located in the district of Plaine Monceau – Paris 17ᵉ = 250 000 € (net selling price) x 5,4 %* (average estate agent fee)

250,000 € x 5.4% = 13,500 € fee payable by the seller.

 Digital agent

An online estate agent offers fixed commissions and tailor-made services to sell in the best conditions.

Price displayed in the ad = price of the property + fixed agency fees

Example: €250,000 (net selling price) + 3% (amount of the online agency’s fixed fee)

7500 € = fixed commission payable only at the signing of the deed of sale at the notary’s office. Difference in net selling price between an online agent and a local estate agent

For a property worth €250,000 located in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, you save on average more than €9,000. This means a higher net selling price for the seller and an acquisition price more in line with the property market for the buyer.

Other advantages of selling your flat to an online agent with a fixed commission

In addition to receiving a better selling price, the online real estate agent with a fixed fee allows you to

Optimization of the selling time;
Fees known in advance for the buyer and the seller;
Transparency of the commission;
Unprecedented digital tools;
No overestimation of the flat;
An innovative concept to change the way you look at real estate sales;
Support in administrative procedures;
Tailor-made support from a local agent;
Advice on property law and inheritance.

Choose the best estate agency online

All that remains is for you to choose your preferred way of selling your property? Entrust the sale of your property to a new generation estate agent. An online estate agency? A local estate agent? Selling between individuals with the help of the Bon coin Immobilier or the Facebook Market Place? The choice is yours. We advise you to sell your property with a fixed fee estate agent to save time and money, while having local real estate expertise and above all to increase the sale price of your flat!

At OprixFixe, we believe that each property is unique! Our expertise consists in enhancing your flat, house or loft with innovative digital tools. Have you decided to sell, or simply want to know the value of a property?

Get a personalised estimate based on our analysis of the market (and on the sale prices as recorded by the notaries).